Training for fied personel

Most personnel conducting line transect sampling of birds in Norway and report their findings to Hønsefuglportalen are volunteers affiliated with NJFF or bird dog associations. To ensure high quality of registered data in the portal, training and Distance sampling courses are imperative for precise results. Many field personnel have completed training courses for line transect sampling, and have contributed with data to Hønsefuglportalen for many years. The R&D institutions have recently revised the course material for field personnel. Course instructors across the country are educated in collaboration with NJFF. The instructors will be able to offer local courses on demand.

The revised course is aimed at giving field personnel an understanding of the importance of monitoring wild animal populations, and how grouse and forest bird inventorying using Distance sampling is conducted. The course material is intended as a practical guide for conducting line transect sampling in the field. By providing a good understanding of the work, as well as practical (and methodologically correct) guidelines, we hope that the course material will contribute to maximising the quality of sampled data. This is crucial for the quality and precision of the estimates reported to stakeholders and management.

Stakeholders, bird dog associations, or local departments of NJFF who require Distance sampling courses, can contact one of the certified instructors (below). Contact the instructor closest to «your area» for enquiries about upcoming courses or if you want to host a course.

Instructors for line transect sampling courses

Institution Name and email Address Year
NJFF Aust AgderSondre Stormo sondre.stormo@gmail.comFagerheim 3, 4817 His913456012016
NJFF NordlandMagnus Fjeldså magnus@flygt-bil.noGeneral Fleishersg. 1, 8003 Bodø906173592016
NJFFs Jakt og FiskesenterKim Storstein Jønsson ksj@jaktogfiskesenteret.noVetervegen 524, 3539 Flå913456012016
NJFF HedmarkMari Tangen Evensen mari.evensen@njff.no974670702017
NJFF Nord-TrøndelagVegard Løvmo vegardlovmo@hotmail.com411088892019
NJFF Sogn og FjordaneRune Dag Olsbø olsbo66@online.no958175772021
NJFF TromsEdgar Henriksen edgarhen@online.no905783252021
Møre og Romsdal FuglehundklubbTor Steigedal tor.steigedal@gmail.com911641472017
Engerdal FjellstyreKnut Østmo 958203302017
StangeskoveneSten Ivar Tønsberg sten.ivar.tonsberg@stangeskovene.no918474772017
NJFF Sør-TrøndelagEskil Pettersen s.trondelag@njff.no908444402017
FefoKenneth Berg Kenneth.berg@solarnorge.no2017
FefoLars-Even Pettersen Larsevenp@gmail.com2017
FefoGunnar Guttormsen gungutt@hotmail.com2017
FefoRoger Halvari rhalvar@online.no2017
FefoKristine Gonsholt kristine.gonsholt@yahoo.no2017
FefoKristin Hornset kro@fefo.no480431242017
FefoChristina Bjørkli cbj@fefo.no468449602017

Course material

Course material


Instructional videos

  • Before sampling starts
  • After sampling has ended

Practical sampling exercise