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In August each year, grouse and forest birds are inventoried using standing bird dogs along predefined line transects across the country. Data from the line transect sampling is registered and stored in "Hønsefuglportalen".

The portal is owned and operated by the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA), and is utilized by several public and private land owners. NINA is, together with the Inland University of Norway (INN), responsible for analysing the data and reporting the results to stakeholders prior to the start of the hunting season.


Look at data and estimates to view time series. The overview only includes public stakeholders affiliated with Hønsefuglportalen.

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Takserings-app 2023

Hønsefuglportalen app is available in Google Play for Android and in Appstore for iOS/iPhone

How to use the app? Instructions can be found here

New field form

The field form was updated in 2020 with new fields for observing mice, lemmings and unknown small rodents.


How many km were sampled in your county?

What were the dog conditions like?

How many small rodents were observed?

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Seen grouse (willow and rock ptarmigan)

Important dates 2024

April Remember to apply for a dispensation from the dog leash laws
01. May Deadline for registering new areas to be assessed
01. June Deadline for submitting transect line adjustments for existing areas
01. Aug Line transect sampling start (portal opens)
20. Aug Line transect sampling end (portal closes)
Sept New results are published on Hønsefuglportalen